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Moving Hands is located in Drury, South Auckland where the city meets the country. Established in 2006, we have met a growing market of South Auckland patients carrying hand injuries and conditions. Our specialised physical therapy has maximised their recovery and reduced injury time.

Our focused treatment of the elbow, wrist and hand has allowed our therapists to amass specific knowledge in the pathologies of the arm, with customised splinting options, therapeutic exercises, pain management, strengthening programmes and ergonomic advice.

Referrals are welcome from surgeons, GPs, Accident and Medical clinics and self- referral is also possible. A thorough assessment is the first step in getting our clients’ elbows, wrists and hands back to their optimal function.

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Our Drury hand therapy clinic specialises in the treatment of elbows, wrists and hands.


About Moving Hands

Our staff are highly experienced hand therapists dedicated to providing quality hand therapy.


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